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The company’s technology team is led by professionals in the field: one PhD in Toxicology and one MPhil in Nano-structure (HKUST)

We facilitate advanced technology for the benefit of environment and sustainable commercial products

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) awards

Speaker of Innovative Disinfection and Cleaning for Building Health Services and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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Antiseptic nano-coating technology
ANTISEPTIC NANO-COATING TECHNOLOGY Killing 99.9% bacteria and virus 24/7 protection for 540 day...
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THERMAL DETEKT–Automatic Fever Detect System
Super Quick Response Easy Deploy, s...
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EcoHealth 學校抗疫防毒三部曲

三合一學校防疫消毒方案, 快速步署, 母須工程審批, 安心回校! 立即預約技術講解會! 1. 即時殺菌 Killer; 2. 密切監察 Monitor; 3. 長效防禦 Preventor

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